about me

Mgr. Nicola Machalova 

Everyone we come from a certain family, somewhere we grow up, we have some assumptions, we carry something with us, we create something new. The human mind is intricate and our behavior inexplicable. Since when I was a child, people fascinated me with their actions and ideas. Curiosity and the desire for greater understanding of myself and others have led me to study psychology. It was a beautiful start for me, but after studying this five-year field I found out that sitting in a psychiatric hospital was not enough. And this started to leads me to find alternative ways... So I went that way of understanding through yoga. In the summer of 2016, I attended a yoga course in India and had an opportunity to meet important teachers. My interest in the body was still growing - I love music and dance since my childhood and that is why I went on to study dance therapy. Through dance and movement I began to work with women who can not have children. Interest in fertility problems also led me to become a certified Hormonal Yoga Therapist in England in April 2017, directly under the direction of Dinah Rodriguez. Becomming teacher of hormonal yoga therapy brought me on the right way - on the way with women! 

Hormonal yoga therapy acts primarily (but not only) at the physical level. From a psychosomatic point of view, however, a lot of female health problems are also psychologically caused - we lack self-esteem, we can not fully manifest our femininity, realize it and enjoy it in today's (still patriarchal) society! Over time, thanks to working with women, I began to perceive that this is my way, my task here. Often I see women around me who are not happy with themselves, experience a feeling of emptiness, inferiority, and although they have everything they ever longed for, they can not enjoy life. We now need a great deal of attention - especially from ourselves - it is the time to find love for oneself again. In addition to hormonal yoga therapy, which naturally heals already-presented health problems, I deal with other techniques that can be preventive, leading to a better life and experience. Techniques such as meditation in movement, relaxation, working with the mind, knowing your own body and your own femininity .. can be very helpful and necessary to find your own way, potential and self-confidence.

With Love, 
your Nicola 

                                                                          Certificated by Dinah Rodriguez, Brigton, April 2017