Lenka, Czech republic

"For long time I could not get pregnant. I was behind all the advice of herbal teas, cleansing bark,  chlorella, ... Than I have visited the Reproductive Medicine Clinic and passed IVF several times unsuccessfully. Than I found out hormonal yoga courses are happening in my neighbourded, leaded by Nicola. It was a wonderful experience, Nicola instantly reassured me that I do not have to be best in yoga and helped me to find an exercise I can do (I was not used to practicing). After two days of course I left nicely tired. The last yoga nidra (harmonisation of energy) filled me with total peace and love. Since course I trained 14 days 5 times a week, and then I discovered pregnancy, everything is in perfect order - I attached a picture of the 17th week."

Lucie, Czech republic

"I knew I would not regret it. Thank you for the weekend full of relaxation, peace, harmony and connection to myself. During Am-ri-tza's practice, I had a strong experience of inner harmony."

Patricie, Czech republic

"It was one of the best weekends I have lately spend. I did something for myself and spent it in a pleasant environment with nice people. "

Darja, Czech republic

"Who was once at Nicola's yoga class, he is suppose to have her energy still around! Because she is so sunny and besides teaching the whole sequence she can encourage and give you a bit of herself !!!"

Veronika, Czech republic

"I recommend visiting this course. The lecturer is awesome and takes care of all attendees with great care, checks positions and gives advice on how to perform the position. I was overjoyed and excited! "

Lucie, Czech republic

"I enjoyed the whole weekend, I feel really my femininity is shining from me. Once again, thank you Nicola, it was a wonderful experience."

Michaela, Czech republic
"I'm glad I attend this course, you're a lecturer in the right place - nice, sympathetic, you explain all the details. Every course should be like that yours one."

Markéta, Czech republic

"From the first moment at the course, there was a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere brought by a qualified, sympathetic, young energy-intensive lecturer. At first glance, it was visible that  for Nicola hormonal yoga is not just a workout, but she believe in that, practice that and especially understand that. The whole weekend for me was pleasant and very enriching. Exercise does not take long and is not difficult. After 14 days of exercise, my mood improved significantly, my body perception and my hair fall far less than before. The course  is definitelly recommended! "