hormonal yoga therapy

founder - Dinah Rodriguez

"A woman with low hormone level is getting older," says Dinah Rodriguez (90) who is the founder of hormonal yoga therapy. And she is a brilliant example of that. In her age she still travels around the world, speaks several languages and teaches thousands of women. It's literally 'walking advertising' to the fact that as women, we really need hormones to stay vital and beautiful.

* Dinah Rodriguez is the only one who can certify you to become a hormone yoga teacher and it is absolutely necessary to pass this course for teaching further lessons.

women only. 

The sequence of hormonal yoga therapy is intended for women only - special postures and techniques stimulate glands with internal secretion - these are mainly ovaries, adrenals, parathyroid glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland. Naturally, it promotes the production of female hormones as estrogen and progesterone. We will stimulate all of these endocrine glands so than the hormone level is right, so we face many negative symptoms, especially during menopause, but also many others.



The combination of yoga positions, dynamic abdomen breathing (bhastrika) and Tibetan energy circulation helps women around the world with:

- hot flushes,
- Depression,
- insomnia,
- painful or irregular menstruation,
- problems to become pregnant,
- hirsutism,
- mood swings,
- headache,
- joint pain,
- poor thyroid function,
- carpal tunnel syndrome,
- low libido,
- urogenital dryness,
- hair loss,
- fatigue,
- slower memory,
-PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

     and many others...



Hormonal yoga therapy may in some cases adversely affect our body. Please read carefully the contraindications listed below. HYT can not practice women:

1) during pregnancy (pregnant women should only practice yoga for

   pregnant; 2-3 months after birth)

2) with or even after breast cancer

3) with or even afte ovaries cancer

4) with very advanced endometriosis

5) with psychiatric problems (mainly due to drug interactions).

In these cases, you can practice, but preferably after consulting your doctor:

1) after hysterectomy

2) after various operations

3) in the case of large myomas (women with small myomas can practice, in some cases they can disappear by the HJT exercise)

4) with very light endometriosis

5) after heart surgery

6) with problems with the appendix (which has not been removed)

7) with very advanced osteoporosis (but for osteopeni or not very advanced osteoporosis,     HYT is recommended)

8) with slipped discs

9) with dizziness

10) improper thyroid function

* If you have any of the above mentioned health conditions, please inform me in a questionnaire, which will be sent to you if you are interested in attending the course.

* Women who are menstruating should also not practice. If you still have an interest in the course, you can visit the course, practice only some positions and observe the course or sign up for one of the other possible dates of hormonal yoga.